One Week

It has been one week since Zac went home. It has been hard to wrap my mind around the fact that he is gone. I can’t wait until I can see him again. I go through (as do the kids) up and down cycle of being happy he is out of pain and in the presence of God and missing him like crazy.  Zac showed me when he was in the hospital how to use his blog. So that I could keep up as best as possible, answer comments and keep this afloat. Since I am new at this, instead of me coming up with something to say, I will just go with something Zac has said. This is an old post that was saved in the drafts, yet to be published. Perfect.

Title of original post…  ZAXIOMS

Zaxioms of living life:

  • Leave everyone better than when I found them
  • Say “Yes” always
  • Learn something from everyone I meet
  • Listen to the questions people are asking of you — repetitive ones may be telling
  • Balance the past and the future as in a satiated hunger
  • Anticipate and dream: try to stay out of the belly of the whale
  • Stay in the frustration as long as possible — refining fire
  • Pick the harder path

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  1. Mandy

    Continung to pray for you and the children. I know that The Comforter, will be with you at all times. Reminding you of all the great times, holding you in the down times and putting rock of hope in your hearts that only he can.

    Thanks for sharing Zac’s thoughts yet again they are like an arrow to my heart from God.

    Thank you


  2. evsmarie says:

    Rejoicing with your family as you celebrate Zac’s new life at home with the Father and grieving for the incredible loss that you each deal with on a daily basis. May God’s love and peace fill each member of your family this week!

  3. valerie says:

    i just stumbled upon your blog about a month ago… i wish i had started reading sooner!
    praying for you and your family.

  4. Lisa says:

    Thank you for posting these, I’m continually humbled by what I learn from Zac. May God continue blessing you and your beautiful children.

  5. Laurie says:

    Thanks, Mandy.

    Praying for you and Lizzy, Jake, and Luke today, that you will have many sweet reminders of the Lord’s very real Presence with you.

    Love you!

  6. Herschel says:

    Thanks Mandy for being strong and being there for Zac and for sharing the Zaxioms this Monday with us.

    I remember when Zac and I started blogging and exchanged links on each other’s blog. I always perked up a bit when I’d see on my feed reader a new blog entry was awaiting me. It was getting a “gift” from him as he always educated and entertained with his prose.

    I hope you continue to write here and share with us how you and the children are doing.

  7. Jen E. says:

    I love all of these, but especially the first and last. It’s so easy to not do either of those!

    I continue to pray for you, Mandy, and the children. May God lift you up today and may you feel His loving arms around you in a real way today.

    Jen E. from indiana

  8. Stacy says:

    Thank you for continuing to share with us. Your thoughts, as well as those Zac left behind, are worth reading. Continuing to pray for your family as you tead through this tough time!

  9. Leo Gallant says:

    Much love to you and the kids. You’re in our prayers. Thanks for blessing us!

    Leo, Kim and kids. (fellow NewSpringers)

  10. Kathy says:


    I ran across Zac’s video on the Newspring website several months ago. As a cancer survivor myself, I was drawn to his story – and his courage. I shared it with my facebook friends, my co-workers & my family. Every morning for months, I’ve been praying for your family – and watching Zac’s blog for information about this journey. I remember reading once that we should never waste cancer. I’ve not met or heard of too many people that allowed God to use their cancer the way your husband did. I know it touched the hearts of many, many people. I’ll continue to pray for you & your kids. God bless. With love – A cancer survivor in Greenwood, SC.

  11. Fernando y Verónica Páez says:

    Mandy, we are praying for you and the children.
    We hope you continue to write here.
    We want to know how you and the children are doing.
    Fernando & Verónica Páez
    From Quito, Ecuador

  12. Alena says:

    You and I have yet to meet, but I had the honor of meeting your husband last summer. I joked about how hard it was to find him in the NewSpring crowd since he was so short :) I have two children and just happened to be holding my son when I introduced myself to Zac. My son, Ladd, was around a year old or so and refused to go to anyone – ever- other than me (we always had a time dropping him off at KidSpring). So here I am talking to Zac about what was going on with his cancer and Ladd suddenly tries to leap out of my arms into his! Zac “caught” him and Ladd seemed perfectly content letting Zac hold him for several minutes before wanting to come back to me. I was amazed! Luckily, my husband walked up as this was going on and was quite shocked (he wouldn’t have believed me if he wasn’t there to witness it). I wanted to share this little story with you in hopes in made you smile. We think of you and your children everyday and are very happy you are continuing this blog.

    Sooo much love coming at you through prayer,


  13. Charla says:

    I read about sweet Zac on a fellow Christ Follower’s facebook. My heart rejoiced for Zac to be singing The Lord’s praises and no longer in pain, my heart cries and grieves for his loved ones left behind. What an amazing Godly man. I understand your pain of missing him, my son went Home to The Lord 11 yrs ago when he was 25 yrs old. I will keep you all in my prayers for The Lord to wrap His loving arms around each of you and give you strength and comfort. I remember thinking how brilliant of God to make our bodies/minds/hearts so we go into almost a shock phase for so long after. There are no words at this time, I just wanted you to know there are alot of prayers going up on your behalf:)
    Yours In Christ,

  14. jacqueline frisby says:

    Oh…..and if you have an itch….don’t scratch it…….it builds character……:)

  15. Shawn says:

    My prayers are with you and your family. Thank for sharing the Zaxioms. Great wisdom!

  16. [...] never met Zac, but I was blessed by his wisdom and faith. Check out the blog article that his wife posted. Zac was–and still is–an example to us [...]

  17. Robbie says:

    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this post with us. We continue to pray for your family and look forward to your blog updates!

  18. Mark says:

    My words are meaningless encouragement. You Know ma’am Zak placed the bright light of Christ in the place of honor and glory. I praise God for your family. My heart aches at Zak’s homegoing. What an awesome testimony, ie living it, till the end. I will pray for you and your babes. When the time is right check Keith Green’s wifes website.

  19. Charity Kibbe says:

    As with so many others, you and the kids are on my mind and in my prayers. I was several years behind Zac at the Alliance Academy and 2 years behind Stacey. So I didn’t know him well, but have been praying for him and you since Greg posted the first news about his cancer. Thank you for your work on this blog. May God strengthen you and carry you today.
    –Charity (Brown) Kibbe

  20. Jillian B says:

    I want to let you know how much Zac’s legacy of love has meant to me this week. My Dad is within hours/days of joining God in heaven – lung cancer and brain cancer. It has been so uplifting to hear words of God’s Goodness, and that he cannot give a bad gift. I pray daily for your family in this time, and will continue to do so. I will continue to follow your story, should you choose to share it, and trust that His good gifts will pour out over you all as you live this side of heaven.

  21. Jeannie says:

    Today in our church in Mt Maunganui New Zealand, we heard Zac’s story on an OHP-At that stage we were unaware of his passing into God’s kingdom-I got home and straight away went on line to read more about your wonderful husband and the courage and faith he has inspired in so many-His surrender to God’s will is something we must all strive for-What a brave man he was-His saying ‘Thank you’ to God for the cancer and the way he lived with the cancer and saw it as a gift to be used to testify to the Lord’s greatness was truly a blessing and inspiration to the world! He has well earned his rest in the Lord! May God continue to bless you and the children and use you to carry on the good work that Zac did.

  22. Gabriel (Brasil) says:

    Mandy, you have no idea how God is using your life and Zac’s life, until now. it’s great to see historys of true God’s love, and be sure that He will take care of every litle thing in your life and your children’s life, remember that on that day we’ll be together as one, singing, and worshiping His Holy Name, like Zac is doing now.
    Keep strong!

  23. Annie says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this, and for continuing the blog. Praying for you and your family.

  24. Mama Dalton says:

    Mandy, I completely know this is silly, but one of the thoughts I had late in the service on the Tuesday after Zac went home came from a post he shared, and the fact that Norman and I both sing in what I refer to as NewSpring’s “Sometimes and Occasional Choir.”

    Zac had said that he just wasn’t sure he would enjoy standing around singing all the time when he got to heaven, or something to that effect. After thinking on it for awhile, he used the term “moron” to describe himself after realizing he would be grateful to be doing anything and everything and whatever God asked–just to be in his presence.

    The thought that I had while listening to the absolutely stunning music, and especially all our voices on that last song was, “Bet you are out-singing us all Zac, and loving every moment in the choir.”

  25. Randee says:

    Ms. Mandy & Family ,
    I am so sorry to read about the passing of Mr. Zac last month. But , just know that he’s no longer in pain. And , he’s Happy and well singing in Our Lord’s Chior. And , He’s helping God & Jesus make room for you and the 3 kids. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.
    – Randee

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